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Three components of a Suzuki Violin Program:
Private lessons
Group classes
Parent Participation

Private lessons are offered on a weekly basis. There structure is based on the Suzuki Triangle (child, teacher, and parent). Private lessons focus on developing good posture, playing tone, techniques and musicianship. A parent is required to attend the private lessons. Lessons last 20 min to 1 hour depending on a child’s age, ability to focus, and experience.

Music reading is taught at the same time a child starts reading in his language (some exception can be applied).  Traditional (non-Suzuki) lessons are available on request.

Group classes are offered every other week for students in Books 1- 4. They are organized by students’ level and last 45 min. These group classes provide an excellent opportunity for student to learn playing together as a group through the use of games and creative activities, as well as observe other children playing and learning. Social connections between both children and parents can be very rewarding and motivational.
Participation in group classes allows students to participate in studio and public performances during the year.

Parent participation is very important not only lessons, but practicing at home on a daily basis with the child. The parent, child and teacher work together so that the child can learn to play a musical instrument.
The parent’s role during the class is to take notes and/or videos to help the family remember what and how a child needs to be practicing at home.


Lessons for adults

Lessons for adults are built based on the student’s motivations and personality. New skills presented in each new piece they master. Performance is NOT required for adult students, but recommended as part of the new set of skills they obtain alone with learning to play violin.


Highly recommended Suzuki teacher

"My daughter studied with Iryna for 8 years. The techniques my daughter learned from Iryna have served her well. Iryna has the ability to recognize a student's learning style and tailor lessons so that learning is easily accomplished. Iryna is very organized in her lessons and teaching methods."

Etta H.

"My kids took Suzuki violin lessons with Iryna for 4 years. We adored her. She was fun but firm and used a variety of games and activities to keep the kids engaged. She stressed good form and tone and was able to get the best out of each child, including my very stubborn, sometimes obstinate son. Her studio included a variety of levels and our children always had students ahead of them to inspire them. We were very sad when she moved and we can only hope that our loss is someone else's gain."

Suzanne B.